Dating cast iron cookware

10-Aug-2017 18:15

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For example, Griswold cookware made between 18 is marked “Erie,” for the city in which it was made, without displaying the company’s name.

Compare the logo and writing style to an identification guide book on vintage cast iron to provide further clues to your cookware’s age.

Got this 10 inch skillet at an antique store in Leavenworth, KS about 5 years ago.Dating Wagner cast iron can be tricky, but several clues can help you arrive at the approximate date your cookware was manufactured. Very old pans have a raised ring around the bottom.This kept the cookware from direct contact with the top of a wood stove. Note if there is a sharp ridge or a hollowed-out section where handles connect to the bodies of skillets.Sometimes foundry workers also added a small raised number, letter or group of letters on the base to identify who made the pan.

Due to high demand, certain vintage cast-iron cookware brands carry inflated prices and greater incidence of forgery.Her work has appeared in informative guides on student housing cooperatives and sustainable building alternatives.