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Na shwile kono ha lu yo kumbuluka seili shaku-shaku! -shalulisa (shaluki-size) or -shalula (shaluzl) to make someone t.o ~. -lshalula (isha-luzi) to make oneself to ~.-shamba (shambile) v.i.

-shabelela (shabelezi) to lop completely leav-ing a bare trunk.shaku-sbaku! expressing the coming back to life after a swoon, fainting fit, coma, syncope, etc.

to involve fasely someone in a case- to accuse: Mu sike mwa ni sasa mwa litaba za mina, do not involve me in your affairs.

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Spoon the paste into the pastry case and place the figs on top, then bake for 20-25 minutes until the paste is set and golden and the pastry crisp. -sebela (sebezl) to whisper, to, to tell a secret to. -sebana (xbanl or se-banile) to calumniate each other.

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I congratulate Theo Verwey and his colleagues for this remarkable advance in using this concept and in using a simple test, the ratio of pyruvate to lactate as a diagnostic measure, to indicate the dose, duration of treatment etc.… continue reading »

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