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How can this be explained and what other evidence exists of this triple nature or function of God in the scriptures?(Genesis 2: 24) So when Jesus said He was one with the Father, it could mean that He was totally committed and faithful as humans should be, or that He was also God, or He was the Father in human form.Mount Moriah is the same place as Golgotha where a badly beaten and bruised Jesus Who was "spotted and striped" was on the cross between two other men until about sunset. Symbolically, He was less than one year old and He was weaned on the cross.People would have to "lift up" or raise their eyes to see Him The Law of Moses (Twelve Tribes of Israel (Last Week of His Life)) Sons are named Genesis 29-30, 35 (˜2000 BC). He bought us back from all the terrible beasts The full moon shines during the total period of the darkness of night with the brightest light.Christians now understand the sacrificial system as Messianic. So critics claim that we randomly take texts and apply it to Christ.Many of these links were made by the disciples and the literature from the rabbis show that they also did the same, applying a text to the Messiah. However, in the new information presented by Teachinghearts we take a whole system of laws and an entire story to show how the Messiah fulfilled them.Although Christians believe that Christ was also this person, yet we had no solid proof.

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So we have a history and expectation of two Messiahs. They identify the Messiah as the LORD G-d of the Old Testament who delivered them from Egypt and who created the world and the one who made the covenant with Abraham.(Romans 10: 4) The Old Testament testifies about the Messiah.

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